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I am a Jew

The Butterfly project is about the Holocaust. All students got different poems to read and do the Butterfly about them. My poem was about a Jew who was brave. He wanted to fight for his people on his honor. He will never be ashamed of his own people. His proud of his people as well.

Click Here to hear me read it.

I am a Jew  By: Franta Bass I am a Jew and will be a Jew forever. Even if I should die from hunger , Never will I submit. I will always fight for my people, On my honor.  I will never be ashame of them,  I give my word.
I am proud of my people, How dignified they are.  Even though I am suppressed,  I will always come back to life.

What I learn about this project or the holocaust is that many Jews were killed in the holocaust. What I learn in the poem is that the man was brave. In the poem it said “ I will always fight for my people on his honor”. He is not ashamed of his people and that his proud of his people. That his a Jew and will be a Jew forever.

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